Announcing the Signata Identity Group

Congruent Labs is excited to announce the foundation of the Signata Identity Group! The Signata Identity Group (SIG) has been built to establish a new community of Identity services for blockchain technologies, beyond just the application of web3 identity for authentication, and as a new decentralized entity to help foster the use and proliferation of web3 identities for other projects and defining open standards for other projects.

The SIG will become a fully decentralized & autonomous entity, and will be established on a Layer 2 network for a low-cost operational capability for the group. This Layer 2 network is yet to be announced by the project, but due to the nature of the requirements of the group there is a specific L2 network that will provide the necessary building blocks essential for launching the SIG.

"The Signata Identity Group is the next step for our vision for blockchain-based identity systems," explains Timothy Quinn, co-founder of Congruent Labs. "This group will encourage membership from projects that wish to incorporate decentralized identities into their products, to support the initiatives of the group, and to help drive privacy-focused identity standards. We're working closely with two other projects that wish to join this ecosystem already."

The Signata project will be the first primary member of the SIG, and with the commitment by Aggregated Finance to build secure identity into their DeFi 3.0 ecosystem, it will become the first 3rd party founding member of the SIG. This integration includes a commitment to incorporate identity validation for its services, incorporation of identity capture for its future Delegated Trader concepts, and leveraging the Risk Oracle solution built by the Signata project to detect threats when funds are released by the DAO.

Congruent Labs is the company building Signata, a privacy-focused and “full-stack” identity and access solution for the future, building private authentication solutions, delegated rights management, and integrating strong hardware key storage for the protection of everyone’s online lives. Signata is also a zero-knowledge crypto wallet solution and will be the first service that integrates the Identity framework into the real world.

Learn more by visiting the Signata token project website, the Signata website, our Twitter, our Reddit, our Discord, or our Telegram group.

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs