Announcing Signata Partnership with Aggregated Finance

Congruent Labs is excited to announce its latest partnership between the Signata Project and Aggregated Finance! For this partnership agreement, Signata will be working closely with the AGFI team for the creation of the Signata Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), as well as helping integrate Decentralised Identity services into the future Delegated Trader services being built by Aggregated Finance.

The Signata Project shares synergies for decentralisation with the Aggregated Finance project, and hopes to leverage those synergies to drive Signata into its next stage of decentralization. "This partnership will lead Signata towards true decentralisation, and yet another application of the identity solutions we're building for blockchains" explains Timothy Quinn, Product Manager for Signata. "We want Signata on every smart contract chain, and integrated with as many services on those chains as possible. 2022 is the year that Decentralised Identity will be at the front of everybody's minds, and Signata will achieve that through growing its ecosystem with integrations like these."

Aggregated Finance (AGFI) is a decentralized investment project planning to become the first truly community led DeFi-as-a-Service investment vehicle. AGFI will put the power over its treasury into the hands of its community, and will build revolutionary tools to delegate trading portfolios to community members.

You can check out the Aggregated Finance website, their Telegram group, and their Twitter account to learn more.

Congruent Labs is the company building Signata, a privacy-focused and “full-stack” identity and access solution for the future, building private authentication solutions, delegated rights management, and integrating strong hardware key storage for the protection of everyone’s online lives. Signata is also a zero-knowledge crypto wallet solution and will be the first service that integrates the Identity framework into the real world.

Learn more by visiting the Signata token project website, the Signata website, our Twitter, our Reddit, our Discord, or our Telegram group.

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs