Signata Project Updates - September 2022

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This post is a summary of the latest events for the Signata project.

Identity Contracts

All supported networks have had new Signata Identity contracts deployed to them. This new version of the contracts remains fundamentally the same, however msg.sender validation has been removed in favor of signature-based validation of identity keys. This ensures any address can fund the network fees for identity modification, rather than it being enforced that the delegate address must call the blockchain in most instances.

Refer to the product documentation for updated contract addresses for all networks:

Contracts - Signata Docs

NFT Rights Management Contracts

All supported networks have had new Signata Rights contracts deployed to them. These have all been replaced after an issue was discovered with the incorrect enforcement of identity validation of smart contracts minting rights for other addresses. No other changes have been made to the contract functionality.

KYC NFT Rights Claiming

A sample KYC NFT purchasing contract has been provided for development reference. In addition to this, Blockpass KYC has been integrated as a service for Signata users to perform KYC with and purchase an NFT proof to use on-chain.

These KYC NFTs can be purchased on all supported networks, and it is intended that the price of each NFT will be kept around USD$3 not including network gas fees. Whilst Congruent Labs can perform KYC proofs, it cannot issue them for countries sanctioned by Australia. If you wish to offer KYC NFTs for sanctioned countries then deploying your own rights claiming contract is entirely feasible using the same integration pattern.

KYC For Healthcare
sata-contracts-v1/ClaimRight.sol at main · congruentlabs/sata-contracts-v1
Contribute to congruentlabs/sata-contracts-v1 development by creating an account on GitHub.

For dApp developers, validating a connected wallet holds a KYC NFT is as simple as querying holdsTokenOfSchema for any address and the schema that issued it.

Polygon Contract Deployment

Polygon (Matic) has been officially included in the Signata supported networks. Identity management contracts have been deployed to the network. A corresponding Signata token is not deployed to the network yet, as that will require a DAO vote to make any changes to token supply.

An issue has been raised on GitHub for discussion about extending identity management contracts to more networks:

Deploy to Alternative Networks · Issue #2 · congruentlabs/sata-contracts-v1
If you want to see additional networks have the Identity contracts deployed to them, reply with a comment of the network name (it must be an EVM-compliant network), and send some of the native asse...

Signata Identity Manager

The rewrite of the Signata web application is nearing a 1.0.0 release. This includes:

  • Full identity management of Signata identities.
  • Purchase of KYC NFTs with Blockpass.
  • Secure storage of Signata identities to IPFS.

The old website is now configured to redirect to The old Signata desktop application will still continue to work, but is no longer supported and users are encouraged to use the new dApp instead.

Decentralized Identity Manager | Signata Web3 IdM
Decentralized Identity Manager | Signata Web3 IdM

With the move to IPFS-based storage, there is now almost no data stored on Signata servers. The only thing that is stored is a mapping of user wallets to the IPFS links that they create so they can be restored if a user sets up another device. The IPFS links point to the encrypted content, but only users can decrypt their identity content.

All functionality is available in the dApp, however testing is still undertaken to remove bugs before any declaration of a 1.0.0 release. If you want to help with testing, try the dApp using the Rinkeby testnet to see how it works. Reporting bugs on GitHub is strongly encouraged:

Issues · congruentlabs/signata-web
Contribute to congruentlabs/signata-web development by creating an account on GitHub.


This wraps up this project update. If you want to get involved, check out the Congruent Labs GitHub for Signata-related product management. Check GitHub issues for any open project bounties, and subscribe here and follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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