Announcing Signata Integration with BIGCAP

Congruent Labs is excited to announce a new blockchain-based venture: BIGCAP. BIGCAP is a DeFi game that provides collaborative investing, gamified trading, decentralized ownership, and a protected treasury through collateralization.

With the recent launch of BIGCAP, Congruent Labs is also excited to announce that Signata will be integrated with BIGCAP to provide strong on-chain identity protection for the platform. With BIGCAP's decentralized trading system it is at high risk of sybil attacks (people using multiple wallets to pretend to be multiple identities), and so BIGCAP will utilize Signata's on-chain and soulbound Know-Your-Customer (KYC) proofs to ensure each participant in BIGCAP's advanced ladders is unique and human.

With minimal cost and effort required for integration with the BIGCAP project and its community, Signata provides a strong identity solution for the ongoing protection of the BIGCAP DAO and it's trading ladders.

You can learn more about BIGCAP and read it's whitepaper by going to You can follow them on twitter and telegram for more news and updates!

You can also learn more about Signata by going to, or checking out the Signata Identity manager at Join the Signata development community and news channels by following the links on!

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs