Announcing Signata Release 1.0

We're making it official, the Signata dApp is now considered a full version 1 release!

As we talked about in our recent September update post, we have actually had all core functionality on all supported networks for some time, but it was essential to have people try out the service first to provide a "smoke test" of the system.

This release includes:

  • The ability to create identities using your web3 wallet as an identity delegate.
  • The ability to register, lock, unlock, and destroy your identities on-chain.
  • The ability to perform a KYC verification, and mint a KYC Signata Right NFT proof on-chain.
  • The ability to purchase a Signata Right as a proof of concept.
  • The ability to integrate Signata Identities for authentication using our keycloak identity provider.
  • Support for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche C-Chain, Fantom, Metis Andromeda, and Polygon.

As of now we already have several identites created and NFT rights minted on the Ethereum chain, including 3 KYC NFTs with KYC provided by

A note on audits

Signata smart contracts are still in an unaudited state. As the contracts have undergone so many modifications conducting an audit was not feasible (contracts cannot be changed during the audit process).

The project will seek an audit if sufficient funding can be sourced by the Signata DAO to execute one.

What's next

Signata 1.0 comes with all core functionality fully open source, so if you want to start building check out our GitHub account to see all components for reference!

There are still open bounties for developers that have been funded by the Signata DAO. You can find them on GitHub as well, as issues with the tag "bounty". These bounties are a great way to get familiar with how Signata works!

Learn more

You can learn more about Signata by following us on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, LinkedIn, and also subscribing here!

You can also start using Signata here:

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs