The First BIGCAP Ladder And How To Register

Photo by Armand Khoury / Unsplash

The first BIGCAP trading ladder is about to go live! To participate in the ladder, you only need to do 2 things:

  1. You need to register as a trader by staking collateral, and
  2. You need to register for the ladder.

To register as a trader, simply browse to and follow the steps in the Trader Registration section. This is the only step that requires an on-chain transaction to deposit BIGCAP tokens as collateral for the ladder:

Once you have registered as a trader, in the ladder section click Register For Ladder. You can only register for a ladder before it has started.

And that's all you need to do to register! The first BIGCAP ladder will go live as soon as enough traders have registered to make the ladder competitive, so go to the ladder page now and register!

BIGCAP is the first decentralized trading game, leveraging the power of DAOs to incentivise trading and trader education to grow community assets! Learn more today at

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs