Signata RC6 - The Charts Edition

Today we've released our sixth release candidate for Signata, which is already available from the Downloads page of the website. This is probably the largest update we've pushed so far - most is under the hood, but there are some huge improvements to the transaction workflows for usability.


The most obvious visual change is that we now include Candlestick Charts for currency exchange rates with US Dollars:

These charts are built from data retrieved from, and are 1 day candlesticks for the last 60 days.


We've renamed a few of the features to make them a little easier to understand. Instead of Sending and Receiving crypto we've renamed them to Deposit and Withdraw respectively. The Manage Addresses page is now the Holding Addresses page - more on that at the end.

Transaction Fees

Before when performing transactions, you were required to basically guess what the transaction fee was going to be and factor that in into your transaction amount. Now, we pull fee estimates from BlockCypher and calculate them for each currency type.

We also provide the fee values in USD (also provided by, so you can get an idea of how much those fees will actually cost you.

You may notice there are All and Half buttons on the form too - these will let you move the entire value (or half) of an asset, with the fees included, should you not want to try to do the math yourself.

Currency Conversion

We're currently providing estimates of conversions of cryptocurrencies to US Dollars - we actually have most of the major currency conversions data being pulled now into this release of Signata, but we just need to provide a mechanism for you to actually change your preferred currency (and ideally have that remembered everywhere). You can expect to see this feature in the next release (RC7).

Under the Hood

Under the hood is far from exciting for most users, but we've made some huge improvements to how we cache your data. Mainly so we don't make so many web requests to our back-end services, but also so the app feels a lot faster.  We've also upgraded to the latest version of Electron to bring in the latest performance and security updates for the underlying platform.

Another large rewrite of how we communicate to hardware (such as YubiKeys) is currently underway, which should add even more performance and reliability improvements.

What's Next?

You'll notice some greyed out options on the app when you install it - these are future features that we're working on now. These include support for performing transactions via 3rd party exchanges and the ability to interact with 3rd party exchanges for trading currencies. We'll also be adding other useful features such as an address book, a secure note capability, and more.

Get the latest version of the app at, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs