Bridging SATA to the Binance Smart Chain

A core goal of the SATA token project is interoperability. We have focused our attention to the Ethereum chain first due to its market presence, but bridging to alternative chains has always been on our roadmap to ensure our services can reach the greatest number of users. Initially this will include EVM-compatible chains as we can quite easily replicate our existing smart contract technology to them, and then eventually other chains if our customers demand it.

So, we are excited to announce that we will be starting this process by building a token bridge to the Binance Smart Chain! We have completed preliminary testing of our identity and rights contracts on the BSC network, and have concluded that it will be safe for us to incorporate the chain into our project ecosystem.

This bridge is designed to serve two purposes, outside of simply moving SATA tokens from the ETH chain to the BSC chain:

  • This bridge, and the technology underpinning it, will lay the template for future alternative chain bridges.
  • We will be pushing capabilities to all connected chains as we release them, ensuring that our technology stack will be have the furthest reach as early as possible.

Our current roadmap has this bridge to become active within August 2021. To keep up with the announcement of the bridge service make sure you follow our blog for future updates, follow us on Twitter, and follow us on Telegram!

Disclaimer: as the contracts for the Signata identity technology are still not audited, only the ERC20 token contract will be replicated there. All bridge contracts will be derived from Binance's open source contracts, as well as their open source bridge service. We will include all contracts in our project's future contract audits.
Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs