This Blog is Changing

At Congruent Labs we have a number of concurrent projects running at once - we've got Signata (our Cryptocurrency Vault Service), Screw Notes (a productivity app), and two new products we're very close to launching. Not only that but we do quite a lot of consulting work for large Government organisations, and we were finding it tricky to try to handle blogging for all of these work streams at once.

We set up this blog to handle Signata product announcements, but even before that we used Medium to make the first announcements. Then we used Medium for announcing Screw Notes, and then we just released a bunch of new features for Screw Notes and we weren't sure where to announce them. We considered setting up a new blog for each product, but we didn't want to pay for hosting each blog individually (and we didn't want to add in maintaining numerous blog servers on top of our other work).

So, the solution that seemed obvious was to change the Signata blog into a blog encompassing everything that we do.

Renaming to Congruence

Congruence is the new name for this blog. This means we'll announce every significant change to all of our products here, but we'll also post other interesting things we're working on. Most of our products share a lot of useful JavaScript components, so sharing what we've learned here will also become a useful contribution to the world (we hope!).

That and we now don't need to publish anything on pay-walled sites like Medium. Whilst we like Medium, we don't want our users to get denied access to our announcements there just because they've already hit the maximum free article allowance.

So, whilst we transition we'll be renaming and re-branding everything on this website, and then we'll also add some redirects for the existing products to get to here (e.g.,, etc.).

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs