SATA Token Locking & Upcoming Airdrop

We have officially loaded 70,000,000 SATA into Team as a means to publicly show our commitment to our token locking schedule.

Some have asked us why not more, and why not for a longer period? Ultimately, we didn't expect the kind of positive response from the market towards our new token. This threw a spanner into our longer term plans, as where we sit now we had expected to be in around July 2021 (if you follow the pattern of most new tokens), and on a more steady trajectory.

This positive response though has led us to rapidly advance to the next stages of the $SATA token, exchange integration and investment, which is why we're currently holding a number of tokens unlocked for now. We have too much uncertainty with our project timeline now that we need to leave options option for adapting to what has turned into effectively a very Agile project (and truly Agile, not scrummerfall).

Some investors have cited concerns about too much supply upfront, and we appreciate those concerns, but until the dust settles somewhat on this project we're effectively keeping as many paths available to us for building the token itself.

So what does this ultimately mean? Time is the greatest factor at play now. As we progress through the bombardment of activities that are piling up for us (and yes, we're in the process of expanding our team to make this easier!) we need to just take quite literally each day as it comes and continue to re-assess the tokenomics of our project. Should we lock up too many tokens we may end up accidentally delaying investment or integration opportunities. Should we lock up too little we dimish investor confidence. We believe the schedule we've provided sits neatly between both intested parties, and will be tailored further down the track.

The Upcoming Airdrop

As a means to reward liquidity pool providers on Uniswap, we're running a 60 day rewards program. If you stake a minimum of 0.5 ETH, and don't withdraw any of your liquidity between the snapshots that we take, then you will be awarded with airdrop tokens that scale depending on how much you added to the pool and how many addresses are in the pool.

We have an FAQ about how it works on our website, which can be read here:

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs