v1 Contract Deployment Update

We have deployed the first version of the SignataIdentity and SignataRight contracts to mainnet on BSC and ETH. The contract addresses are as follows:

Ethereum Mainnet

BSC Mainnet

What does this mean? Not a lot for the majority of people right now. These contracts are the backbone of the services we are deploying. SignataIdentity is the contract that serves as the identity lifecycle contract for user's to establish and control identity records on the chain. SignataRight is the contract that defines and issues NFT rights to Signata Identities, as well as "unbound" identities (addresses that aren't registered with the SignataIdentity contract).

We will be deploying more contracts soon as part of the Veriswap launch, this contract deployment is the first step for our mainnet integration for the rest of our service offering. If you want to follow these updates more closely, join our development community on Discord!

Disclaimer: the contracts deployed are not yet audited by a 3rd party. All source code is available on Github, and will be verified on Etherscan to provide transparency. Interact with these contracts at your own risk.

Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs