Screw Notes 2020-05 Updates

We've been pushing out a bunch of new features for Screw Notes. There was a little bit of a lag between the initial release and these new updates - this was from my co-founder, Ben, rewriting the whole code base to be more amazing, consistent, and maintainable than the small hacked-together project I had put together over a weekend.

So, with our product a lot more maintainable and consistent, we've added the following features:

  • Dark Mode - as we use Material UI, we're able to dynamically change the theme of the application to an out-of-the-box dark mode. By default we detect what your Operating System has been set to (this works with most modern desktops and phones), but you can also override this setting at any time.
  • Better Mobile Interface - we've gotten rid of some padding on the pages so they fit better on smaller screens.
  • Overhauled Payments - we originally used Stripe Checkout, but that took away a lot control for us around how we could collect Taxes that we're legally obligated to, so we've moved to an embedded payments form instead. Now you don't need to be redirected away from the website to start your subscription.
  • Completion Mode - you can now switch between using left-click to instant complete items, or left-click to mark items as in-progress.
  • Fixes to Authentication - new users had some cases where we didn't detect the email address they had just set, and the email verification process was a little clunky.
  • Improvements to the User Interface - this was a whole bunch of changes we made, including standardising buttons, making hitting Enter on all the forms actually save changes, and reducing padding so you can see more of your content on mobile.

We've got more features planned too, including:

  • Internationalization - we want to make the app service more than just the English speaking world.
  • Referrals - we'll add a referral program so you can get free months of pro features.
  • Advanced editing - exporting & importing pages, page templates, sorting items, and bulk edit options are all in the works.

Is there something you'd like to see us add? Let us know in the comments below 👇

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Timothy Quinn

Timothy Quinn

Managing Director of Congruent Labs